Street Maintenance

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The City of Ripley street system consists of 67 streets covering approximately 28 miles of paved roadway. This does not include any state or county roadways running through the corporate limits of Ripley, as they are maintained by the West Virginia Department of Highways. 

The duties of the 6 member Street Department are numerous. They include maintaining the cities streets, alleyways, and right-of-ways, as well as performing regular street sweeping and washing, snow and ice removal, storm drainage maintenance, traffic light maintenance, posting of all signage, Christmas decorations, and any other tasks they may be called upon to do. They also provide maintenance support to the water, sewer, sanitation and parks departments.
The City Street Department currently repairs potholes throughout the spring and summer months using hot laid bituminous asphalt. This substance cannot be applied during the winter months because of lack of production at local asphalt plants and, in cold temperatures, hot mix will not bond to the roadway. In the winter months, in emergency situations, potholes and utility cuts are repaired using cold patch. Cold patch is made with a latex modified base asphalt. Cold patch is used for patching only. It cannot be used for paving an entire street. Cold patch is a pliable material that has enough density to remain in a pothole until proper repairs can be made in the spring and summer.
To report a pothole for repair, please email or call the City of Ripley´s Business Office at 304-372-3482. Be sure to include the following information: street name, block or house number to ensure quicker response from our city crews.
The City Street Department treats city streets for snow and ice depending on the severity of the event. Streets are generally only treated with salt and cinders for snows of an inch or less. For heavier snows, streets may be plowed in addition to applying cinders and salt. Crews will generally plow and treat streets in the following order:

1.  Greenbrier Drive, Edgewood Circle , Oak Court
2.  Spring Street, Intersection of Valley Drive, Cedarcrest Drive, Oakview Drive, Cedar Ridge,  Mountaineer Lane, Clearview Lane, intersection of Third Avenue and Spring Street, Second Avenue and Spring Street, Second Avenue and School Street, Walters Street and Third Avenue, Walters Street Extension
3.  Charleston Drive Intersection, Third Avenue, Second Avenue, First Avenue, Hill on Charleston Drive from First Avenue to U.S. 21
4.  South St. to U. S. 21
5.  Simmons Drive , Highlawn Heights , Fairview Drive
6.  Lee Street , Brent Circle , Lynn Circle
7.  Winters Drive, Hickory Drive , Scenic Drive
8.  Hillcrest Drive, North and 7th Street , Hall Street , Tanglewood Villa
9.  Randolph Addition, Grandview Drive, Intersection of Jackson Avenue and U.S. 21, Sheriffs Drive,  White Oak Drive
10.  Miller Drive to Elder Care
11.  Williams Avenue to U.S. 33
This is only a general guide and even though your street may not be mentioned specifically, it should be taken care of when crews are in the area. Keep in mind that circumstances may arise that crews have to alter their routes.  If you feel that your street has been missed, please call City Hall at 304-372-3482.


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