Sewer Department

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City of Ripley Utility Board
Mayor Carolyn Rader, Chairwoman
Allen Ferrell
Gary Epling
Bobbi Ferrell
Lynn McCauley
Chris Pecka, Secretary

The City of Ripley owns and operates a public wastewater collection and treatment system in the city limits and at Evans. Both systems are under the direction of the City of Ripley Utility Board.  The Ripley system serves approximately 1600 users. The Evans system serves 525 wastewater customers and was originally constructed in 1969. The Ripley system was first constructed in the 1920's to serve both business and residential areas and to discharge into Mill
Creek.  In 1960 a major improvement was undertaken to eliminate direct discharges into Mill Creek. This consisted of constructing 2 sewer lagoons and 5 pumping stations. In the late 1980's further upgrades were made lagoonto both the treatment facility and the collection system. Since that time, the City has aggressively used local funds to replace and upgrade significant portions at its collection system. The City has also divided its two lagoons into five treatment cells and added 5 pond doctors to better treat wastewater.

The Evans system consists of one treatment lagoon with three two acre cells. Flow monitoring at both treatment facilities is conducted on a continual measurement basis. Both plants discharge at licensed locations into Mill Creek.


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