Reading Your Monthly Bill

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Sample Billing Statement (different sections numbered explanation provided below)


1. Detachable bill payment stub
The part of the bill above the perforation contains information vital to the City when we process your payment. If you pay your bill by mail, this portion is detached and returned with your check.
2. Account number, customer name and service address
It's important that this information is accurate. If there are any changes, you should call the Business Office at (304) 372-3482.
3. Payment due date
4. Total amount due
5. Service Period
Meters are typically read near the 15th of the month. Bills are sent out by the first of the next month.
6. Itemized charges
There are a number of charges on your water/sewer bill and these differ for Ripley and Evans customers. Ripley customers, in addition to water and sewer, are assessed fees for garbage, police, streets, and fire. The charges for all customers will show the water fee, how much water was used and the amount charged for the water and sewer if you are a sewer customer. The amount of usage is listed under the column “usage”. The bill shown shows a usage of 12 which translates to 1,200 gallons. Always add two zeroes to this number to determine the amount of water you were billed for. When each item is totaled this provides you with the total amount due.
7. Bill messages
This area is where any announcements might appear on the billing statement.
Here's an explanation of the charges on your monthly bill:
- This is a variable fee based upon the amount of water used. The base fee for water includes up to 2,000 gallons used. Any usage below this amount is the minimum water fee. Money collected through water fees pays for buying, treating and delivering water, as well as for the maintenance, repair and replacement of the water system and for maintaining compliance with the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.
Sewer - Most customers have an individualized sewer rate based upon the amount of water used. Money collected for this fee pays for collecting and transporting sewage to our wastewater treatment lagoons, the treating and safe disposal of the effluent and the maintenance, repair and replacement of the sewage system.
Garbage Fee - This is monthly charge for the weekly collection of trash collected at your service address within the City of Ripley limits.
Police Fee -- This fee, for Ripley customers only, helps support the City of Ripley Police Department and is used to purchase vehicles and equipment.
Fire Fee - This fee helps fund annual appropriations to the Ripley Volunteer Fire Department and is collected for city customers only.
Street Fee - This fee, collected for Ripley customers only, helps fund the repaving of city streets each year.
Of course, at any time you have questions about your water and sewer bill, please call our Business Office at (304) -372-3482.

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